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Planning 10

The following material is provided here to help your work in the course. Some files are presented in Adobe PDF format, therefore you must have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your system to view them. Click here to get Acrobat Reader for free. Other files are presented in Powerpoint format, and you must have Powerpoint or a compatible Powerpoint viewing program installed on your computer to view them.

For the 2009-2010 year, Planning 10 Learning Guides have been re-numbered and re-arranged to reflect the standard 18 LGs per course in place at Kelsey. Students carrying over this course from the previous term must consult with their Planning 10 teacher to see what (if any) material(s) may or may not be credited from past work.

Please note that LGs 7-18, with the exceptions of the field trips, have seminars attached to the guides. You must attend a seminar before any credit for the guide will be awarded.

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Advisor Agenda: Weekly Planning and Goal Setting   


Advisor Attendance/Puncuality/Particpation/Progress
Earn Your Wings Assessments/Assemblies


Active Health Presented by PE Department
Also counts 4 LGs towards PE10


Active Health Presented by PE Department
Also counts 4 LGs towards PE10


Active Health Presented by PE Department
Also counts 4 LGs towards PE10


Balance Day Students must attend a school wide "Balance Day" activity.   


Healthy Decisions    (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)


Employment Standards and Workplace Safety    (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)
(2) Young Worker Safety Tips (pp)
(3) Employment Standards Act Summary (pdf)
(4) WCB: Rights and Responsibilities (web)


Support Networks and Resources    (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)


Graduation Requirements Create/update your personal "Career Cruising" online portfolio
username: FKSS, password WHALES
(1) Lesson Guide (pdf)
(2) Career Cruising (web)
(3) Grad Planner Booklet (pdf)
(4) BC Education Planner (web)


Skills and Reflection    (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)


Career Research
Job Futures
   (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)
(2) Career Choice Factors (pp)


Campus Visit Field trip -- Date and destination TBA   


Job Application Preparation Resumes, Cover Letters, Job Application Forms (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)


Where did all my money go? Bank Statements
Cheque Registers
(1) Lesson Guide (pdf)
(2) Step 1 - How much money do I think I have? (pp)
(3) Step 2 - How much money do they think I have? (pp)
(4) Step 3 - I don't trust the bank -- I'm watching what they do! (pp)


Where will all my money go? Monthly household budgeting (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)
(2) Creating a monthly budget (pp)


Prevent Alcohol Related Trauma in Youth
Field Trip -- Date and destination TBA (1) P.A.R.T.Y. Program homepage


Graduation Transition Plan    (1) Lesson Guide (pdf)




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