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LAW 12

This page contains downloadable copies of all of the Learning Guides for Your Course. It also contains notes and review sheets for each learning guide as well as extra resources for the course.

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Downloadable Material

LG 0: Course Outline      
LG 1: Introduction to Law LG 2: Courts/Structure of Law LG 3: Human Rights LG 3: Keegstra Article
LG 4: Application of Law LG 5: Capital Punishment LG 5: "Vengeance is Mine" Article LG 6-8: "Thinking About Law" Textbook
LG 6: Criminal Law LG 7:Canada's Criminal Code LG 8: End of Criminal Law Unit LG 9: Mid Term Exam and Review Sheet
LG 10: Court Visit LG 11: Intentional Torts LG 12: Tort Story and Questions LG 13: Civil Law
LG 14: Unit Test & Review Sheet LG 15: Emerging Issues LG 16: Aboriginal Rights LG 16: "Healing Circle" Article
LG 17: Youth & Law LG 17: "Parental Responsability Act" LG 18: Media & Law LG 19: Mock Trial